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Cool Breeze: Snippets

Today’s Cool Breeze is going to be a bit different. Instead of telling stories that have happened to us, I am going to tell a few that I have heard from the people that have had experience moving themselves. I don’t want to make it sound like hiring a mover is the only option, but it is hard to have an easy breezy move if you do it yourself.

The Inaugural Blackout

In 2012, on the day of President Obama’s second inauguration, a couple was moving into a Marin County California home. California is a famously blue state, so a lot of folks were watching the historic president being sworn in again. The husband was not an experienced truck driver, but it was still a surprise when he ran into the utility pole pulling it down disabling power for the rest of the day. Not a great first impression in the neighborhood.

The Neglectful Hoarder

What if you show up to the house that you had just closed on and the home was filled with the seller’s belongings? What if the seller was a hoarder? Worse yet, what if they were a hoarder, but weren’t really keen on coming a picking up the old crap that they had left behind? That makes for a more stressful moving day than anyone deserves.

No One Lost A Finger

This last one has a happy ending. Moving in the winter can be a harrowing experience. Weather is notoriously fickle and no matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid mother nature when she decides to change. When the snow starts falling, it is hard to ignore an already loaded truck. Driving several hours to the new countryside home, unloading in the heavy snow and ice, and arriving late in the day is a good way to get frostbite. Celebrating no one getting frostbite, and no injuries in front of the new fireplace is the stuff of family memories that last a lifetime.

As the previous six Cool Breeze Blogs have illustrated, moving isn’t easy. Whether you do it yourself, or you have a company do it for you, we can all dream of an easy breezy moving day!

I have thanked several of our guys over the last few weeks, but this one is a little more personal for me. Jordan Filbrandt, our regional manger in Venice Florida, has spent an awful lot of time helping me and my family move to this cool little town by the sea. He has helped my Dad and Step Mother (realtor Jenny Welch), his business partner and wife, my step-mother’s parents, and myself all get settled. Breezy Moving is blessed to have such a great man working for us. The future is bright because of people like Jordan, and Jeff. By-the-way, we are happy to hire people without J first names.

Blog by Ryan Welch

CEO Breezy Moving

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