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Cool Breeze: Reader Submission!

I had a reader submission!

Unfortunately, this isn’t a rare story. When you are moving across the country, mistakes happen. Luckily, this isn’t one of those stories where the company should be put in prison.

Patty Williams, a realtor with Keller Williams in the Springfield area told me about the time she was moving back to the Ozarks from Georgia. The company that they used had been hired by the military, so she had a lot of confidence in the move. She flew home and waited. 3 days later, they show up and begin unloading the truck. Trouble was, it wasn’t her stuff. It took an additional 4 days for her to get her belongings.

Can you imagine moving, and living a week in a new place without any of your belongings? Not my idea of an easy breezy move. It wasn’t hers either. She did let them off the hook a little bit because it was 30 years ago, and everything had to be done by paper, not the automated systems we use today.

On a side note, I would like to give a shout out to one of our newest managers in Missouri. Our company is expanding, and Jeff Allen will start seeing his duties grow into our new areas, and we have hired Tim Leonard to start taking over the rolls of dispatch and estimates. He has worked his way up from mover, to truck captain, and now is on the path to being our district manager in Springfield. If you see him around town, or on Facebook, look up Breezy Tim Leonard and give him a congratulations. We are proud of him, and he will make sure to make sure that your moves are as easy breezy as you are used to!

I hope you are all having a great fall and have a wonderful Halloween next week. Send me more moving stories!

Blog by Ryan Welch

CEO Breezy Moving

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