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Cool Breeze: What else could go wrong?

This may be the craziest story that I have ever heard about moving. I ask people all of the time to tell me their moving stories, and this one may take the cake.

She was 8 ½ months pregnant. Not the best time to move, but nothing could be done for it. Her and her husband were young, and not ready to admit that paying someone to move their belongings was the wiser choice. Instead, they had their friends and family come to help.

The apartment they were moving from was in a 3rd floor walk-up. The refrigerator stayed, but the washer and dryer had to go. Her mother slipped, and in the commotion, her top set of teeth flew out and cracked. She was newly married and her current husband had never seen her without her teeth. She ducked out to go see the dentist in a frantic. Down 1….

Her sister was carrying a couple of boxes down the stairs when she banged her hand on the railing and severely dislocated her finger. She had to head to the emergency room. Unfortunately, she was a minor and her Dad had to leave to take her as well. Down 3….

Not an hour later, her water broke. They weren’t even half way done with the moving. Down 4, but up 1….

After four hours of labor (at least that went quickly, right?) She woke up in recovery and began a cold sweat panic about the new home not being close to ready. A few days later when she was able to go home, her heart melted when she walked in and found that her family and friends had tirelessly readied her home, with a completely functional nursery for the new baby awaiting her.

She remembers the birth of her first child with nothing but fond memories and love, but she vowed to never again move herself.

This story was not one that I had first hand knowledge of. Please send me your funny, wacky, or heartwarming stories. I love to hear about the industry that I have made my career.

Blog by Ryan Welch

CEO Breezy Moving

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