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Cool Breeze: Firestarter Moving

People like telling moving stories. Especially people that have had bad experiences. When they find out that I write a blog about wild moving stories, they are inclined to tell me theirs. I like hearing all of them, but some stick out. The story that follows was told to me by the poor woman who had to live through it. Spoiler alert: It was not an Easy, Breezy move.

Mrs. Snow Bird (clearly a fake name) was moving from New Hampshire to Port Charlotte Florida, she had a new job ready to go, but was unsure where she was going to live. She decided to put her belongings in storage while she looked for a new home. Mrs. Snow Bird made a couple of calls, read some reviews and then settled on a local moving company that seemed as good as any other. Let’s call this company Firestarter Moving (another fake name, but maybe after a story like this you would agree it is a fitting one).

She set up her move, getting the storage unit, packing it all nicely, and giving the key to the unit to the owner of Firestarter Moving. She also paid him in advance for the work that was going to be done and agreed they would be in contact once she had her house picked out. She got on a plane to start her new life, thinking everything was in good hands. After a few weeks of finding, then closing on a home in the Port Charlotte area, she made a phone call to the moving company to set up the final leg of her journey. The phone rang, and rang, and rang. No one ever answered. It went on like this for a day or two. She started to get worried.

They usually don’t let you take business calls from a jail cell, which is where the owner of Firestarter Moving found himself. Apparently, he had been arrested for a crime committed many years before. Murder by way of arson has no statute of limitations, and now her belongings were stuck in limbo.

Mrs. Snow Bird had to fly back to New Hampshire, pay a second moving company, cut the lock off the storage unit, and she never got refunded for the advance payment to Firestarter. Even many years after the fact, the frustration was still evident as she recounted this nightmare of a story.

Sometimes incredible things happen for no reason at all. The bad luck that gets you to a place where your mover was arrested for murder is not something that happens very often. The best advice I can offer is to get recommendations for whatever company you choose to do business with, read the reviews, check up on the reputation of your mover, and you should find yourself with an easy breezy move. Good luck out there!

If you have any stories that I need to know about, go ahead and send them to me at

Blog by Ryan Welch

CEO Breezy Moving

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