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Cool Breeze 8/30/2018

Easy, Breezy, Moving Done Right!

At some point, we all have to move. It can be exciting to find a new home and start a new adventure, however, no one likes the process of moving household goods and personal effects from one place to another. Let's face it, couches are heavy, boxes are tedious, and sometimes we find out that we really didn't need all of this stuff after all! While we, as a moving company, get used to the day to day work of moving other peoples items, there is never a dull day when you find yourself in other people's private spaces. In the Cool Breeze Blog, I will tell you some of the more heartfelt, strange, and funny stories from our experiences in the moving business. Like the gentleman who met us at the door on the day of his move completely unpacked drinking whiskey and smoking an illegal substance at 9 am. Or the lovely woman who called to complain that her Nazi memorabilia had been damaged (it turns out that it hadn't been, by the way). Every once in a while we are able to help in a situation where the client was out of options and had no where else to turn, as in the case of a woman who's movers cancelled on her and the home she was living in had been condemned. When you deal with people in their homes, you deal with their lives directly. I had never dreamed of a career in the moving business as a kid, but I am glad that I get to be a part of the lives of interesting, and crazy people. Of course, all stories will be anonymous and told with a protective nature to keep private things private. I hope you enjoy a weekly Cool Breeze!

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Blog by Ryan Welch

CEO Breezy Moving

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