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Cool Breeze: When $100 is more than $135

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

This is a common story within the moving industry. It is easy to call a few companies, get their hourly rate, go with one of the cheaper ones, and think that you are getting the best deal. In future weeks I will tell stories about why cheaper isn’t always better, but this week I will tell you how $100 an hour can be more expensive than $135 an hour.

Early in our existence I was referred a client by family. I went into the home and met with the homeowners, something we try and do with every client. We hit it off, but they let me know that they were price conscious. Unfortunately, this was before we had set up our software set up to give detailed guaranteed estimates, so I was surveying the situation to get an estimate on how long it would take us. The rate that I gave them was competitive and factored in that they were a friend of family but, as you can imagine, it is easy to undercut another company’s hourly rate. This is what happened to me, or rather, happened to them.

These people lived close by so on the day of the move I happened to be able to observe from across the street. The move, that incidentally I had quoted as a 15 hour or so move took considerably longer than it should have. In total it took 26 hours. We watched as many breaks were taken, and even caught an unsuspecting mover picking his nose and cleaning his fingers with the tire of his truck. (This may or may not have been caught on video….lol) The total bill that our friends paid was quite a bit higher than what I would have charged them for the same work (roughly $2600 vs. $2025). It is possible that my estimate was a bit ambitious, but I thought I was guessing high.

There are many moving parts when considering which company that you want to use. Price, reputation, and availability are among the chief concerns. Breezy Moving does not strive to be the cheapest company, but we do work toward providing the best value. No matter who you choose to move your belongings, it is best to have met face to face with them first. Ask questions to find out an estimate of the time it will take, as well as the price per hour. When possible, try and get a company representative to come out and look at the ways your home, and move are unique. Make your next move Easy Breezy, no matter who you use!

As an aside, I want to thank our Springfield Branch, and Jeff Allen in particular, for helping out with the Alzheimer’s Walk. They weren’t paid any extra for their time. Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease, coming from a family where a member has fallen victim, I hope that Breezy Moving, was able to help in some small way toward a cure. Thanks Jeff! I appreciate you and your team!

Blog by Ryan Welch

CEO Breezy Moving

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